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Au Jus Restaurant

About Us


Choice beef brisket, dry-rubbed with a unique blend of seasonings handed down through generations, then gently hickory-smoked low and slow. The result? Moist, tender, succulent beef brisket crusted with flavorful “bark” and served with our homemade, tangy BBQ sauce.

All our BBQ choices – smoked bologna, meaty, tender St. Louis-style pork ribs, juicy Tulsa BBQ pulled pork, BBQ beef brisket and spicy Oklahoma beef “hot-links” sausage are made from family recipes that call for careful preparation and patient cooking.

  We use hickory wood in our smoker and always cook “low & slow”. Some preparations take 12 hours or more. The end result is a deep, meaty flavor enhanced with our original BBQ sauce. Try our authentic Oklahoma BBQ on a sandwich with house-made coleslaw and pickled onions, or as a platter with our baked beans and other sides.
barbecue in nyc
barbecue in nyc


There’s something elemental about well-roasted meat: dark, crusty and seared on the outside … tender and bursting with succulent flavor and natural juices on the inside. Roasting is simple cooking, but not ordinary. When you use top-quality ingredients enhanced with herbs, seasonings and just the right touch, the results can be incredible!

At Au Jus we offer 5-hour Italian-herbed Porchetta. Deep-flavored pasture-raised lamb. Certified Angus beef roast. Roast turkey breast. Traditionally oven-roasted chicken – crispy-skinned, golden and juicy, and more. All are available as sandwiches on artisan breads, or platters served with a choice of sides.

We make jus for our roasts from pan drippings, enriched with roasted vegetables and herbs, building full flavor with a long, slow simmer in the oven.
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