Au Jus

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Au Jus Restaurant


At Au Jus Restaurant, we prepare and serve authentic Oklahoma Barbecue. All of our meats are smoked in house; all of our sauces and sides come from old family recipes and are prepared by our staff in-house as well. Our extensive menu includes multiple 100% plant-based items.

Au Jus Restaurant NYC
Au Jus Restaurant NYC


Sm (12oz) / Lg (16oz)

Canned Sodas/ Poland Spring Water


Lemonade / Pink Lemonade


Brewed Iced Sweet Tea


Hibiscus Iced Tea


Iced Coffee

$2.95 | $3.95

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale


Flavors: Passion Fruit – Pomegranate w/ Hibiscus – Blood Orange – Jasmine Tea – Classic – 66 Calories

Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer


Flavors: Mango – Lemon Lime – Extra Spicy – Extra Spicy Sugar Free – Classic – Sugar free

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