Au Jus

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Au Jus Restaurant

Jazz at Au Jus

Mister B brings his slow roasted jazz band to Au Jus West Side

Joseph Baker, Alias Mister B, has conducted and played on and around Broadway since 1986. He now has assembled some of broadway’s best players to play a unique eclectic style of Jazz and Broadway Show Tunes At Au Jus at 99th and Broadway.

“What started out during the pandemic as a way to simply play together has become a wonderful Monday night experience
for my musician friends and me to express ourselves. We have a blast at Patrick’s Restaurant”, says Mister B
It’s always fun, a little surprising, and … you’ll never know who will drop in to play…
Great Musicians, Vocalists,(want to sing a song…come on down!) and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Every Monday Night From 7PM - 9PM Closing at Au Jus

Great Beer and Wine and you can feast on those lovely Oklahoma home recipes

You may even see Cocoa the wonder dog there !

Be there or be square, and don,t forget to try our new Oklahoma Wagyu Red Chili.


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